Among the services we offer is virtualization, where we create virtualized environments for Windows and Linux operating systems. Virtualization can involve virtual desktops and workspaces customized to the needs of each user group in your company (e.g., the billing department may need easy access to different resources and applications than sales). Note that virtual can also refer to virtual machines where you have access to a different operating system, such as running Windows on a Linux machine, or it can be used to provide an extra layer of security between different parts of your network.  


The first step in any type of virtualization is working with the customer to find out the goals for their virtualization project and get details about user needs (what applications and tools they need access to, what types of devices they will be using, whether they need access to printers or other resources), hardware and software resources involved, and information about network security.

At Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises, we will work closely with you to custom design virtualized environments to meet your requirements and help your employees be more productive through fast and easy access to the tools and applications they need the most.


Once the details of the virtual environments have been established, we start configuring them for your system with careful attention to detail. We will make sure that the environments work smoothly with your existing applications and hardware.  We also take care to ensure that the virtualized environments support the existing web security you have in place and, where feasible, further enhance it.

The team at Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises know that these kinds of details can make or break a project, so we will put all our knowledge and skill to work for you so that the virtualized environment works smoothly “under the hood.”


The final phase of creating a virtualized environment is implementing it for the customer. Once users begin to interact with it, there will likely be some tweaks and modifications necessary. Once those have been completed, then we will provide continuing support anytime issues are encountered.

Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises takes pride not only is a system that works well but one that our customers enjoy using. That means we won’t stop working with you on your virtualized environment until you are satisfied.