Security System


Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises offers as one of our services the assessment, design, installation, and configuration of audio/video color security systems


The first phase of our security services involves assessing the current security system that the client has in place (if any), the goals and needs of our client in relation to security, and the potential threats to our client. This involves one or more site visits to fully assess the client’s requirements and gain a solid understanding of the challenges involved in providing security. If your company recently experienced a crisis with respect to security, we will help you determine issues at the root of the problem and help you develop a system that not only addresses that particular problem but all the reasonable threats you face.

Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises understands the issues that modern businesses face when it comes to security. However, our security system design team will work hard to fully understand your needs and concerns before beginning the design phase rather than take it for granted that they already know what you need.


The results of our assessment then inform the design stage where we begin to develop specifications, generate and evaluate potential solutions, create security system diagrams, and begin developing a list of necessary components. The placement of key equipment, including cameras, monitors, cables, and similar items, will be determined at this stage.  Any necessary software or apps for support of the security system will be selected based on customer needs. We also make sure that the system we design is straightforward for the customer to use.

The security system team at Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises spends considerable time in the design phase of the security system because they recognize the importance of careful planning.


Once the design phase is complete, installation at the customer’s site will begin. This includes the installation of physical equipment (e.g., cameras, brackets, cables, monitors, microphones) as well as software or app needed to support the security system. Also included as part of the installation will be testing the equipment for correct performance and integration. Once testing is complete, the security system is ready to be used.

The Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises security system team will do their best to minimize any disruption during the installation phase.


If any modifications or adjustments are requested by the customer, Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises will work with the customer until they are satisfied.

The Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises security system team takes pride in their work and will partner with you to develop a robust, effective system that harnesses the latest in audio/video technology to keep your premises secure.