One of the services we offer is the development of applications, software, and tools for our customers. We specialize in SQL, PL/SQL, Linux Shell scripting, Java, but please know that other customer requests will be entertained. Operating systems we support include Windows, Linux, other Unix flavors, IBM AIX, and HP-UX.  We can also maintain existing software, including software and applications that we did not develop. Also, please note that mainframe customer requests are also welcomed.


One of the key steps in the software development process is gathering customer software requirements, and this goes far beyond just what the software needs to accomplish. Included in software requirements are details such as who will be using the software, the type of data involved, what operating system(s) it needs to support, potential security risks, and any interaction that made need to take place with existing software (e.g., database,operating system, web server, etc.).  We may also interview potential users to get a better idea of how they will interact with the software.

During this process, we begin developing specifications for the software and review that information with the customer to make sure we are on the right track. At Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises, we take the requirement gathering phase very seriously as we strive to understand the needs and goals behind the software you need.


In the design phase, we take the software requirements and begin to develop the overall software architecture. This includes software diagramming techniques to navigate the coding process as well as detailing the hardware and system requirements for the software. In addition, the test strategy and applicable metrics for it will also be developed.

At Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises, we know from experience that, in order for our customer’s to receive a robust software from us, we must spend time in developing the software architecture before any code is written.


Once the requirements have been gathered and the design is complete, coding begins. This is typically the longest phase of our design process. This is also where the process departs from a linear progression: based on the results of the phases that follow coding, there will be a need to make modifications to the code.

The coding team at Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises is well versed in a variety of programming languages and skilled at using the necessary tools (IDEs, debuggers) to deliver a high-quality software to our customers.


Testing is the next phase in our software development process, This phase involves testing the software against the original requirements as well as system testing, functional testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing. These tests are performed according to the testing process and outcome metrics developed during the design phase. Any issues that arise during testing are addressed through modifications in coding.

Testing is not complete until the software successfully meets the testing metrics, or at least that is how we do it at Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises.


Once testing is complete, the software is deployed to our customer — but the development process is still not complete. After delivery to the customer, the customer begins beta testing. This can uncover bugs and problems not discovered during our testing and will require modifications to the coding. Once beta testing is complete, then the final deployment takes place.

Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises always assists clients during the deployment process, helping with installation and integration with existing packages and providing support with any unexpected issues that may arise.


In addition to software development, Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises will also maintain any software we develop as well as existing software, and tools that you already own. That maintenance includes installing updates, upgrades, patches, and security features.