Specializing in the Design, Installation, Configuration, and Administration of (Wired/Wireless) networks.


After consultation with the customer about their general network needs, technical requirements, performance goals, and business goals, we develop a high-level conceptual network design. Included in the design considerations will be critical factors such as security, scalability, and availability. Also developed during this time will be the network topology.

Next, we begin a survey of the environment where the proposed network will exist. This involves customer input and a visit to the customer’s site and may include characterization of the network already in use. A network component list will be generated based on the results of the site survey and the network design developed in the previous step. Modifications may be made to the network design and topology based on what is discovered during the site survey.

At Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises, we take the design phase of your network very seriously and work hard to understand your needs and goals so that what we design is truly what you need.


Combining the design with the site survey will guide the phase: installation of the network. This includes installation of the network operating system as well as the installation of physical components, such as adapters, switches, routers, servers, and cabling. The type and number of physical components we have use will depend heavily on whether the network is a traditional wired network or a wireless network.

Our team at Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises know that the installation process can be disruptive to your normal activities, so we work hard to be prepared so that the moment we set foot on your site we will not be there any longer than necessary.


Out next phase is network configuration (sometimes called network setup), where we set up the network’s controls and operations in order to support the communication objectives of the network. This includes quite a few tasks because configuration includes setting up software, hardware, and peripheral devices to interact correctly. This is also when the firewall is installed and set up on the network.

The experts at Computer Services & Innovation Enterprises will not say the configuration step is complete until everything is working as it should be. They will put all their skill into making sure your network is reliable and secure.


Once a network has been installed and configured, our work is still not finished. We also offer network administration services in which we take responsibility for maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting your network. We will monitor your network for signs of trouble and track down the cause before it causes problems for you and your employee. If something goes wrong, we will troubleshoot and address the issues behind it. Updates for hardware and firmware, patches for existing software, and updates to your security systems will automatically be handled in a timely manner by our team.

Computer Services & Innovation would love the opportunity to design, install, and configure a brand new network for you. But even if you do not need a new network, we can still serve as your network administrator.